stack em up

maple ice cream 14
canadian maple syrup, vanilla ice cream 

classic choc chip 16
chocolate chips, chocolate ganache, chocolate soil,

chocolate shard, ice cream
mixed berry 16

mixed berry, compote, vanilla ice-cream and fresh berries

banana butterscotch 18
fresh banana, butterscotch sauce, ice cream

passionfruit 18
passionfruit coulis, passionfruit cream and vanilla ice-cream

apple pie 18
poached apples, apple syrup, cinnamon and double cream



add those extras

extra pancakes 4 ea
ice cream 2
whipped cream 2
berry coulis 2
chocolate ganache 3
salted caramel 2
butterscotch sauce 3
canadian maple syrup 4

sweeten me up

new york dreams 14
baked new york cheesecake GF

'tella dreams 15
baked nutella cheesecake

pretty af! 16

chiboust cream, raspberry cremeux, fresh raspberries GF

topical mouthful 16

coconut and hazelnut joconde sponge, tropical fruit jelly, coconut mousse GF

cheeky & sticky 17

caramel cremeux, roasted hazelnut, caramel cream, dried-freeze raspberry GF

white magic 18

raspberry gel, strawberry meringue, raspberry jelly, white chocolate cheesecake GF

gin-vincible 20
lime curd, chiboust, cream, raspberry cremeux, fresh raspberry GF

liquor me up

sweet sangria 16
for the wine lovers, gin, orange, wine

geelong’s weather 18
four seasons in one day, dark rum, lime, ginger beer
like-a-lychee 18

for the lychee lovers-vodka, lychee, ginger, lemon, lime, thai basil

watermelon refresher 20
prefect for the heat-verano watermelon gin, fiorente liqueur, watermelon, prosecco and tonic
cheek me 20
a little blast of citrus-tequlia, lime, citrus sugar syrup, grapefruit, orange bitters

bomb as 20
a really blast! vodka, triple sec, lime, mango, sparkling wine
curly wurly-2.0 20
remember your childhood, chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, baileys, salted caramel foam

turkish delight 21
how delightful? pink gin,  egg, whites, creme de cacao, rose water, vanilla

rosey 21
pretty as a rose-rose vodka, triple sec, citrus sugar syrup, lime, egg whites
cucumber fizz 21

it's a big DILL-gin, lime, cucumber

ya snack 22
capture the moment, passion fruit vodka, lychee, pink grapefruit


bartenders choice
let our bartenders make some special just for you-xx

sips blood orange 15

sips pink grapefruit 15

sips raspberry 15

nusa cana pink grapefruit, lychee, lime & soda 15

wine not?

leura park estate 14/40
sauvignon blanc

leura park estate 14/40

leura park estate 14/40
pinot gris

leura park estate 16/50

leura park estate 15/45

heroes   /55
dry riesling

heroes   /60
sauvignon blanc


leura park estate 14/50
pinot noir

leura park estate 14/50
cabernet sauvignon

heroes   /90
pinot noir

heroes   /80

leura park estate 15/60

sparkling blanc de blanc

g.h mumm  110
cordon rouge nv

perrier jouet   /150
grand brut nv

your glass will never be empty!

rogers & rufus 80
grenache rose magnum 1500ml

g.h mumm 210
cordon rouge nv magnum 1500ml

g.h mumm 210
cordon rouge rose magnum 1500ml


for those who love to share, why not get something for the whole table to get around-xx

oasis in a jar 40
try rehydrating with this, vodka, lime, berries, blue curacao 
bee-have 40

behave yourself now, gin, honey syrup, grapefruit, lime, fennel

giggle juice  60



house vodka //  grey goose  //  kettle one  //  belvedere
beef eater  //  hendricks  //  four pillars rare dry  //  archie rose
add fever tree +1
canadian club

jim beam
captain morgan  //  captain morgan spiced dark rum // captain morgan black dark rum  //  kraken  // bacardi
sierra silver  //  patron silver  //  patron xo  //  don julio reposado //  don julio 1942
midori // malibu
baileys  //  kahula
green fairy


beers on tap

furphy //  great northern super crisp  //  asahi  //  carlton dry  //  mountain goat steam ale  //  carlton draught 


hibiscus and nice 12
spice of your life, lime and habanero, orange juice, spiced syrup, lime 

wake up 13
wake up, watermelon, lime, orange juice

watermelon sour 15
relax and watermelon, watermelon, egg whites, lime, sleedlip


coffee/tea 4/4.5
latte  //  flat-white  //  cappuccino  //  mocha  //  long black  //  espresso  //  a selection of teas

 10% surcharge on Sunday

* 15% surcharge on Public Holidays